Shek Interiors Ltd - Red Deer, AB. Canada is Specialized in new home construction, Renovation and Remodeling

Shek Interiors offers a wide range of services including acoustical systems and drywall services. What's more is that we will make it our mission to help you find suitable trades people who can help you finish all other aspects of your job. Refer to the following list for a more in depth look at the services we have to offer.                                                                         

Suspended ceilings

Shek Interiors offers a full range of drywall services, including installation and finishing of all types of drywall. We use the finest products on the market in order to achieve the best finishes possible. We are no stranger to detailed projects, so whether you are interested in vaulted ceilings, returned archways, or bull nosed corners, we will see to it that your drywall is completed to our high level of standards.

Over the years, Shek has installed drywall in a vast array of homes and buildings in the Red Deer area, ranging from small bungalows, to large commercial buildings. Needless to say, we are very knowledgeable on the codes and requirements for all types of buildings and we will work with you to help you achieve the results you are seeking.

When installing insulation in a new home it is always a good idea to look at areas of your house that commonly produce noise that you may be interested in isolating. A prime example of this would be in bathroom walls. Running water in a bathroom can be heard from the next room easily if there is no insulation added to the walls. Adding insulation to areas like these will help to reduce noise from one room to the next, making your home much quieter and relaxing for those moments when you seek peace and quiet.

An additional benefit that insulation offers is the fire retardant value that it can add to your home. It can greatly reduce the speed at which a fire will spread and provide you with valuable time to allow fire crews to arrive and to exit the house safely were a fire to occur.

Shek Interiors is experienced in blowing attic insulation, installing batts of insulation in
walls and ceilings and installing vapor barrier. We have never failed an insulation
inspection and do not intend to.

Suspended Ceilings
Suspended ceiling are most frequently seen commercially or in residential basements.They are a perfect solution that allows a clean finished ceiling, while still maintaining access to electrical junction boxes and plumbing cleanouts that by code cannot be covered.

Ceiling tiles are no longer solely made up from plain "two foot by four foot tiles" with limited character or detail involved. There are a wide assortment of tiles out there, with patterns and details that can transform a ceiling that looks like something you would find in a hospital to a much more glamorous, ritzy and appealing appearance.

Contact Shek Interiors to discuss the specific styles and types that would be best suited to your needs and preferences. Shek Interiors will help you design a new look for your ceiling whether it be a residential or commercial project.